Facebook tests merging its News Feed and Stories into a single interface.

Facebook is testing a radically redesigned interface for its app, that sees the News Feed and Stories feature combined into one feed that you tap through like an Instagram or Snapchat Stories. The interface was initially discovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong who found the interface in the android version of the Facebook app.

Currently, Facebook Stories and the News Feed exist alongside each other as distinct interfaces within the core Facebook app. you can scroll down to see the News Feed or tap one of the cards tiled on the top of the app to start scrolling through your stories. In this new design, Stories and News Feed posts — as well as text posts, pictures, videos, and sponsored posts — seem as a part of the same interface.

Although Facebook Stories were unpopular when they were first launched back in 2017, Facebook predicted that they’ll surpass the News feed in popularity in 2019. Last September, the corporate said that Facebook and messenger Stories had 300 million daily active users between them.
The future of the News Feed has been in question ever since ceo Mark Zuckerberg said that the corporate would be pivoting away from permanent public posts and toward private, encrypted messaging.

Commentators took this announcement to mean that the News Feed would become a legacy product. Following an executive shuffle a week later, The Verge’s Casey Newton declared that “Facebook’s News Feed era is currently officially over.”

Here’s an example of how Stories are shown together with regular Posts.
The left side is a regular photograph post of my friend changing profile picture. The right side is my friend’s Story. And both of those are shown within the same.

Responding to the discovery, a spokesperson from Facebook said, “We are not presently testing this publicly.” It’s presently unclear whether or not the interface discovered today will make it to public release. Facebook briefly experimented with a horizontal interface for Instagram’s feed at the end of last year that was massively unpopular with users. The service initially claimed that the new interface was meant as “a little test,” however it later referred to as it “a bug” in a statement.

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